Education in India

Have you ever wondered what school systems are like in other parts of the world? I have….

In India, for example there are about 192 million students in their schools, compared to about 75 million in the U.S. (nursery school through college, US Census- ’06-’07). Many children in India are in schools that are not in the conditions we are use to in America and although there have been many advances in India, there are still many children who don’t get an education.

Many of them live in rural areas and often times girls are not allowed to go to school because they are required to stay at home and help out. Young boys may also be asked to help bring income to their families, so as a result millions of children go without an education.

The government just passed a law to make education a right for ALL children in India, ages 6 -14. In 2003 about 25 million children did not attend any school. Today that number is around 8 million.

Now these children will have a right to an education.


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