Ask Your 1st-Grader!

In order to help you manage and assess your child’s academic progress, you may want to conduct these simple exercises.

Ask your 1st-grader:

1.  To count to 100 by 1’s, 5’s, 10’s and 20’s (this is the beginning of multiplication and it helps reinforce your child’s counting skills).

2.  To solve the addition problems 1 + 6 = ? ;  4 + 4 = ? ;  3 + 2 = ? ;  5 + 5 = ? ;  3 + 4 = ? .  Does your child solve these problems easily or does he or she struggle a bit to find the answers?  Either way you may want to seek out additional worksheets to help reinforce this important skill.

3.  To read a book on a first grade level.  Have your child read the book to you.  Mid-way through the book ask your child who the main character is and how he or she thinks the book will end.  Read the rest of the book and see if your child’s prediction was right!

4.  To read for 15 minutes per day.  This will do more to develop your child, academically, than almost any other exercise.

These are just a few exercises you can do to assess and reinforce your child’s development.  Visit our website to find out more information or to find out about the book below.


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