Back to School: Getting Ready Academically

In most areas around the country children will be returning to school in late August or early September.  What can you do to help your child prepare, with just weeks to go?

A few things to consider:

Start early getting your child back into the “groove” of learning.

Have your child practice important subject areas for a couple of hours a day.

  • Math can be something a child may want to “brush up on” before starting back to school. CoolMath4Kids can be a “cool” site for elementary and early middle school children. can be used by children entering pre-algebra and beyond.
  • Reading is always an important skill to sharpen because it teaches you new things as you practice it and almost every class in school requires some reading!  Have your child pick a fun book to read over the next few weeks.  He or she can simply read for 30 minutes each day, leading up to the start of school.
  • Now may be a good time to start a reading log with your child and celebrate as he or she increases the number of books read because your will certainly add more books to this list when school starts.  Most schools also have summer reading lists.  If you haven’t had your child start on a book from that list, you may want to choose one of these books now to read.
  • Practice writing a few paragraphs, or multi-paragraph assignments, before school starts.  Have your child write a paragraph, or multiple paragraphs based on his or her age, about the book he or she is reading.  This will help your child get back into the practice of writing, editing, and providing details when completing a writing assignment.  You can use one of the guides at as a tool.

Just a few exercises a day and a little extra effort can go a long way in helping your child remember important skills and in helping him or her get off to a good start in school!


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