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Budget Cuts: Are School Systems Changing Right Before Our Eyes and What Does This Mean For Your Child?

The Los Angeles School District recently struck an agreement with the city’s teacher’s union; agreeing to cut 5 days from the school year this year and 7 days from the school year next year, due to budget cuts.

This deal was needed to avoid the possible laying off of teachers, counselors, and other school officials.  LA, like other school districts around the country, is facing a budget crisis due to the slow economy and reduced revenues from taxes.

I understand that something has to be done…. school closings, reduced days in school, less teachers, larger class sizes, etc… are all ways school districts are trying to deal with decreases in funding.

But what does this do to our children in the short-run and in the long-run?  Are we going to produce some children, over the next couple of years, who are more ill-prepared academically, because there is so much flux in school systems across the country?

Because they are sitting in larger classes?  Because they have less days of instruction in the school year?  Because teachers may be concerned about keeping their jobs?  Because certain school programs may be cut?

As parents, we have to get involved.  We have to find out if there are any cuts that will affect our children in the schools they attend.  We have to make sure our voices are heard and WE have to understand WHAT our children need to learn in order to be successful academically.  If we don’t, there is no guarantee our children will graduate with what they need to be successful in the 21st century.

Take a look at Education World and see if there are standards that can help you raise your child’s academic abilities and see if you can work with your child’s school/teachers to ensure your child gets what he or she needs academically.


What Impact Will Budget Cuts Have?

With school districts all over the country considering budget cuts (e.g. less property tax revenue may lead to fewer staff members in schools, shorter school years in some places, & in Kansas City the Board of Education voted to close 28 out of the 61 city schools)- you have to ask yourself the question:

Will budget cuts affect my child’s education?

Some time ago I spoke with a teacher who told me that her school district decided to stop teaching cursive to children in elementary school, because of some new theory.  The feedback from the the middle schools to which these children eventually went, was that the children were lacking in a basic skill they would need to complete many assignments.

Now this change wasn’t due to “budget cuts,” but even with the simple omission of something like cursive in elementary school, it had an impact on the success of children in later grades.

What will be the impact of the various cuts that are being proposed all across the country?

I know what I plan to do about it….I plan to look ahead at my child’s curriculum in high school and MAKE SURE he is taking the right classes.

I plan to work with his teachers to MAKE SURE he understands his material and I plan to learn something about the courses, myself, so that I can MAKE SURE he masters his work when he is at home.

Do what you can.